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Mortification - Live Humanitarian (2007)

Gravado ao vivo no Imax Theatre, Austrália em 2006, esta banda tem um som bem pesado.
Recorded live at the Imax Theatre, Australia, in 2006 this band has a very heavy sound.
Erasing The Goblin
I'm Mot Your Commodity
Hammer Of God
Purest Intent
Medley: Lymphosarcoma/The Destroyer Beholds/Distarnish
Priest/Love Song
Priests Of The Underground
The Dead Shall Be Judged
Spoken Word (Part 1)
Spoken Word (Part 2)
Dead Man Walking
Standing At The Door Of Death
Spoken Word (Part 3)
Escape The Blasphemous Tabernacle
Spoken Word (Part 4)
Chapel Of Hope

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