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Don Moen - Thank You Lord (Audio DVD Rip) (2004) *

Don Moen no seu estilo muito pessoal, leva-nos desde os átrios à presença de Deus. Simplesmente bom de mais para não ouvir.
Don Moen in his very particular way to worship, lead us to the presence of God. It´s just too good to miss it.
1 This Is Your House
2 Arise
3 Thank You Lord
4 Creator King
5 Throne Of Praise
6 Rescue
7 I Need The Every Hour
8 At The Foot Of The Cross (Ashes To Beauty)
9 Mi Corazon
10 Worthy Of Praises
11 Jesus You Are My Healer
12 All To You _ I Surrender All
13 Wonderful Magnificant God
14 When It's All Been Said & Done

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